Funk Flex rushed to Lyor Cohen's defense after Dame Dash called the music industry mogul a "culture vulture." In a long Instagram post, the Hot 97 DJ called Dame a liar and that Cohen has actually helped Dame get to where he is now. Well, Dame didn't take too kindly to the accusations and took to Instagram to call Flex out for having a dead career and supporting a culture vulture.

"Not sure what’s wrong with this dude Funk Flex or why he hates his own culture so much...but I feel sorry for him...his master won’t let him out of the that lil room he’s been in for 30?years...and his master won’t even give him a promotion," Dame Dash said in the post.

He even took it a step further, urging Hot 97 to part ways with the DJ, saying: "if y’all don’t fire this clown your radio station is dead like his career."

Dame Dash's words were harsh, but not surprising considering Funk Flex had this to say about Dame just a couple of days ago: "I love u dearly my Brother... u helped me in 96 when my back was against the wall... But you are a LIAR... I was there FULLY back then and I was singed to DefJam for the tunnel album... YOU are a LIAR.. that man helped u... There are people with legitimate issues with Lyor! Dame ain’t one of them!"

Whose side are you on in this beef?