If you missed it, Dame Dash was arrested last week after being accused of owing more than $400,000 in child support to his two baby mamas. As a result, Dame was brought into Bronx Family Court in handcuffs after two felony warrants were issued for his arrest. “We’ve been looking to arrest him since 2015,” NYC Sheriff Joseph Fucito said. Unfazed by the arrest, Dame Dash said he looked “cool as fuck” by walking into court with the cuffs on.

“I thought I looked cool as f–k. I had handcuffs on for an hour. I came out a million dollars later and I was like, ‘What?’ And did a rock ‘n’ roll show later — that is gangsta,” Dame told Page Six exclusively.

Hours after his arrest, Dame hosted a bash at the Canary Club to introduce his new rock band and proclaim himself “Billy Pablo the Third.” “I had fun,” he said. “Like sh*t, if I am going to jail and not get out then that’s a problem. It wasn’t for no sex offender, or no raping, or dumb s–t. It was a warrant — they wanted that picture, but I looked good.” He added, “Who cares about being in handcuffs? It is a part of the game, but I walked right out.”

“The sheriffs treated me well — complete respect … I was in a cell, but they treated me fine,” he added about his treatment in jail.

We’ll continue to keep you posted on Damon’s legal woes moving forward.