If you thought the holiday spirit would temper Dash's disdain for Funkmaster Flex, rest assured that is far from the case. The two personalities recently locked horns over Lyor Cohen's honor, after Dash branded Cohen a "culture vulture" among other dubious claims. Flex was quick to defend Lyor's integrity, prompting Dash to issue a heated response on Instagram. Now, Flex is no stranger to sounding off on anyone he deems an easy target. Yet Dash is made off tougher material and will retort without mercy.  

Speaking with Kenyatta "Hip-Hop Motivator" Griggs, Dash doubled down on the "Flex is a culture vulture" narrative. "Anybody next to Flex to me is wack juice," says Dash. "If you know you next to a sellout who only cares about himself, that's fifty years old acting like a fifteen year old, when you got the youngboys laughing at you, that's contagious." 

Dash continues to let fly, explaining that Flex is attempting to steer the narrative in a false direction. "I feel like in this moment, he should be careful because he's painting a picture about things that are not true." He also explains that Flex is straight up lying about certain accusations, particularly one labelling Dash a pill-popper. "Everybody knows I don't do the pills, I just smoke weed," explains Dash, visibly frustrated. Admonishing Flex's utter lack of research, Dame comes through with a harsh clothesline: "he should look in the mirror and spit in it."