Dame Dash was accused of harassing a child's hairstylist who successfully filed a restraining order against him. However, it looks like Dash is firing back at the hairstylist, claiming she's the one that's been harassing him and his family. He's now demanding the judge grant him a restraining order against him.

According to The Blast, Dame Dash has filed documents to get a restraining order against his "former acquaintance and business colleague" Patrice Miner, alleging that she's harassed him and his family on several occasions. He wants Miner ordered stay 30 yards away from him, his fiancé Raquel Horn and his 10-year-old daughter. He said that he has witnesses and videos to prove his claim. 

Dash explained that he's been subleasing a commercial space from Miner in L.A., spending $50K on rent and other expenses. He accused Miner of changing the locks and trespassing on his property at one point. He also accuses her of showing up to a Halloween party he threw for his daughter uninvited and causing a scene. He also claimed that she verbally harassed him and became physically violent towards him as well.

In the docs, Dash states, “I am the victim in this action and I am seeking to get protection and a restraining order from Patrice Miner." He continues to accuse her of being,  “addicted to drugs and/alcohol and her judgment is impaired which is causing her to act irrationally and violently.”

Dash continued to explain that Miner made false accusations when she requested a restraining order against, referring to her as a “con artist and a fraud and her false restraining order against me is part of her schema (sic) to defraud me out of thousands of dollars."