Media mogul, Dame Dash, is taking action hoping the court will dismiss the case against the photographer who sued him for sexual assault and wants $50 million in compensation. Earlier this week, Dame Dash and his legal team filed court documents stating that he intends to ask the federal court to dismiss Monique Bunn's lawsuit due to lack of service. According to Dash's lawyer, the Roc-a-Fella co-founder was never properly served the lawsuit and the sent her court complaint to unmonitored postal service box, which could possibly void the lawsuit altogether.  Dame Dash Wants Sexual Assault Case Thrown Out

Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Monique Bunn originally sued Dame Dash, his wife Raquel Horn, and his production companies Dame Dash Studios, and Poppington LLC, after she claimed an intoxicated Dash had fondled her in her sleep. Bunn also claimed that Dash refused to return her personal computer, hard drive with photos from her 20-year career, and other personal effects that she left onsite at their studio.

Late last month, Bunn was urging the courts to push for a default judgment after he had failed to respond to the court case. Monique Bunn is represented by attorney Chris Brown, who Dame Dash has been very vocal about after being on the opposing side of three separate lawsuits against the lawyer. 

Now, Dame is pushing back in his own way and might have a legitimate reason for the case to be dismissed. A hearing for this specific case has been set for the spring. Both sides will meet and the evidence presented will hopefully determine a just outcome. 

Recently, Dame Dash opened up a lawsuit against his ex-wife, Rachel Roy, accusing her of hiding clothing company royalties from him. While the multifaceted entrepreneur might be in the midst of several legal disputes, he's living a life of purity in the content realm. Check out a preview of some of the streaming content Dame Dash Studios is cooking up in the video provided below.