Skip Bayless is a notorious figure in sports talk media. Starting off on Cold Pizza, Skip eventually transitioned to First Take where he shared the screen with the likes of Stephen A. Smith before leaving ESPN for FS1. Now, Skip is giving his opinions across from Shannon Sharpe on Undisputed. If you know anything about Bayless, you know that he is uncompromising with his opinions and when he dislikes an athlete, he continues to dislike them for years. Case in point: LeBron James.

Now, Bayless is angering the likes of Damian Lillard, who just came off of a 51-point performance. Bayless tweeted that he wasn't sold on "Dame Time" which elicited a strong response from the Trail Blazers star. In fact, Lillard called Bayless out for acting differently on a private phone call. Clearly, Bayless doesn't keep that same energy.

It was also interesting to see Dame ask Bayless about his hatred for LeBron James, although unfortunately, we weren't given what Bayless' response was. Skip has certainly been called out by people before, although this one is certainly interesting as it gives us insight into how he mostly comes up with his opinions for ratings.

Perhaps we will see other NBA players follow Dame's lead as Bayless continues to offend those he talks about.