Skip Bayless is a commentator who has upset a lot of athletes over the years, especially when it comes to the NBA. Various players have actually called out Bayless for his coverage, including Damian Lillard, who got into it with Bayless prior to last year's playoffs. Bayless made the claim that Lillard doesn't have what it takes to carry a team to the title, which led to a bit of a back and forth. In fact, Lillard claimed that Bayless is inauthentic, and sung a different tune over the phone.

Today, Bayless and Shannon Sharpe discussed whether or not Dame is clutch, on Undisputed. Sharpe was of the opinion that Lillard is the most clutch player of his generation, all while Bayless looked for some obscure stats to try and obfuscate the truth of the matter.

"Dame is the greatest clutch player of this generation. Michael Jordan and Dame are the only players to end 2 playoff series on game-winning shots. He's clutch, I've seen enough," Sharpe said.

Regardless of how kind Sharpe was, it was Bayless's comments that eventually got back to Dame. In fact, Dame responded to what Bayless had to say, offering up a dismissive "Who cares."

Players like LeBron James have also been dismissive of Skip, as LeBron has never actually mentioned the analyst by name. At this point, Bayless thrives on the controversy, and giving a measured response would only fuel him.

Damian Lillard

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