Yesterday, Luka Doncic had all of NBA Twitter buzzing after his Dallas Mavericks won in overtime against the Los Angeles Clippers to tie their series at 2-2. Doncic scored the game-winning shot at the buzzer and it was one of those moments that had everyone going crazy on the timeline. Following his heroics, players throughout the league went on social media to congratulate the player on making such an incredible shot while also lauding his 43-point triple-double.

When Doncic was being scouted, many American commenters didn't give him much of a chance and even trashed his abilities. These old hot takes were brought back to the timeline yesterday and many fans had fun with some of the stupidity that was spewed. Even Damian Lillard couldn't help himself as he quote tweeted "Lol" to a video showcasing some of the dumbest things that were said about Doncic leading up to his draft.

As someone coming from a smaller college program, Lillard faced his own fair share of scrutiny although as we all know by now, Lillard came out all the way on top. Having said that, it's easy to see why he would want to defend a player like Luka who has only proven people wrong since entering the league.

While they may be rivals, game recognize game.