In a way to interact with fans, celebrities are often advised to pose random questions that engage their social media followers. They're usually about pop culture or relationships as the public never ceases on sharing opinions about either topic, but Damson Idris found himself on the receiving end of troll behavior when he recently delivered a tweet.

The Snowfall star wrote, "Question. Ladies if a guy keeps texting you to meet up but you know you will NEVER want to why don't you just tell him?"

Damson Idris, Trolls, Relationships
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

It was innocent enough, but soon, Damson's timeline was flooded with people teasing him because they assumed he was speaking about a personal experience. However, the actor returned to clarify. "Chill I don't get curved lol," the actor stated in a follow-up tweet. 'I just ask the questions men want to hear. Why be on twitter if we can't have stimulating conversations. But more importantly, if I'm ever 'corny' to you then your not my type anyway."

Damnson's fans applauded him for his response to the negativity, but he eventually took a short break and deactivated his Twitter account. The actor returned shortly after, only to post a GIF of Donald Glover on Community. Check it out below.