Dana White's disdain for UFC and boxing crossovers has been evident over the last few years. While he allowed Conor McGregor to fight Floyd Mayweather in 2017, he has quickly changed his tune on allowing his fighters to get in the ring. For example, various UFC fighters have expressed interest in fighting against Jake Paul, however, White says that he will never work with the Paul brothers, which ultimately puts his own fighters in a tough spot.

Now, it is being reported by Bloody Elbow that White ruined a massive opportunity for one of the UFC's biggest former stars. Georges St-Pierre and Oscar De La Hoya were actually going to fight in a massive boxing match on Triller. St-Pierre would have received a whole lot of money from the fight, however, White reportedly put a stop to it.

Georges St-Pierre

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

“This f—k nut (Dana White) kept Georges St-Pierre from making the biggest payday with me,” De La Hoya said on Instagram last week. De La Hoya's comments were backed up by Triller head Ryan Kavanaugh who says White has been toying with Triller and won't even return their phone calls. “I’ve tried to call and text Dana at least five times to make it work for both parties, not even the courtesy of a return call," he said.

If you're a GSP fan, this is certainly bad news as fans have been wondering when they would get to see him fight again. A match against someone like De La Hoya would bring in a ton of eyes, and now, we probably won't ever get to see it.

Needless to say, White's business philosophy has come as a hindrance to some of his biggest and best stars.