Dana White is one of the biggest names in the sports world as he is the President of the UFC. By now, everyone should know that the UFC is one of the biggest fighting entities in the entire world, and White's involvement in the league has made him hundreds of millions of dollars. With that in mind, it should come as absolutely no surprise that he is able to live lavishly, with as many material goods as he so desires.

For instance, White is a big fan of shoes, even if he isn't the biggest sneakerhead in the world. This week, White was actually the guest on Complex's hit show Sneaker Shopping, and on the episode, White ended up getting himself some shoes at Undefeated in Las Vegas.

Dana White

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Throughout the episode, White noted that he purchases about 10 to 15 sneakers for himself per month, and he usually has a team who goes out and gets them for him. In addition to this, White revealed that his favorite sneaker is the Air Jordan 1 Low. He also professed his love for classic Adidas silhouettes like the Gazelle which is an all-time classic. 

White only ended up purchasing just a few shoes which cost him $493. Considering Dana's wealth, it was a pretty modest haul, although that must be why he's able to preserve that net worth.

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