Dana White found himself in a peculiar situation the other day as he got on a phone call with Tom Brady. Brady is going to be a free agent in just a couple of weeks from now and has a big decision to make. During the phone call, which was recorded live, White urged Brady to come join the Las Vegas Raiders. As the president of the UFC, it shouldn't be surprising that White would want Brady to come over the Las Vegas as it would certainly create buzz for the relocation.

White recently appeared on Always Late with Katie Nolan where he discussed the phone call with Nolan. As he described, he's a Patriots fan at heart and that he would prefer Brady to stay in New England although if he were to move, it should be New England. He also admitted that owner Robert Kraft was angered over the call.

“He was not happy with me,” White said of Kraft. ” “This thing is being blown out of proportion. I am being falsely accused here. Now, first of all, what I said was, ‘I’m a Boston guy. I want him to play for the Patriots. But if that doesn’t happen, we want him in Vegas,’ ” White clarified, when pressed by Nolan. “I don’t want him going to California or any of these other teams. I want him coming here (to Las Vegas). If he doesn’t play in Boston, if he doesn’t retire and end his career there like he should, then he needs to come to Vegas.”

It remains to be seen what Brady decides although if there is one thing for sure, you can count on us to report it so keep it locked to HNHH as the free agency period approaches.