Dana White has never been one to hide how he feels about certain people. The UFC President is easily one of the more controversial heads of any sports league, although it has allowed the UFC to be incredibly successful. White's business acumen has led him to deals outside of the UFC, involving some of his biggest fighters. For example, White was able to secure a fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather, about three years ago. 

White hasn't exactly been best of friends with everyone in the boxing world, including Oscar De La Hoya who has employed some interesting techniques in his career as a boxing promoter. Recently, De La Hoya said that he would be coming out of retirement and that he wanted a chance at a title fight. When asked about this last night, White had an interesting response, noting "cocaine isn’t cheap.”

This was an obvious cheap shot at De La Hoya whose alleged drug habits are constantly the source of rumors and ridicule. White even said that De La Hoya needs the money, insinuating that the retired boxer might be desperate for cash right now.

It was a pretty low blow but considering White comes from the world of fight promotion, it wasn't a shocking comment in the least.