Due to the Coronavirus, all sports have pretty well shut down. This has been terrible for sports fans who have been desperate for a fix of their favorite athletic events. The UFC has been hit especially hard by the shut down although up until a few weeks ago, Dana White was still planning on hosting UFC 249 with the main event of Tony Ferguson and Justin Gaethje. Of course, ESPN and Disney eventually stepped in and told him not to go through with any of his plans due to safety concerns.

Now, White says the UFC will be back and better than ever before, in May. As he explained to ESPN's Brett Okamoto, White plans to host three UFC events between May 9th and May 16th. The preliminary fights on May 9th will be headlined by none other than Donald Cerrone and Anthony Pettis. As for the main event of Gaethje and Ferguson, White seems to have high hopes that it will be a fight to remember. 

White also made the revelation that his fight island is almost ready and that it will be used for international bouts starting in June. The UFC president has been working around the clock to get this thing ready and it looks like that work is starting to pay off.

Needless to say, sports are coming back sooner than you may think. Hopefully, other sports are able to follow suit in the not so distant future.