Verzuz has announced that D'Angelo has been confirmed as the next guest to be featured on the show, but it is still a mystery who will be joining him. The series announced that he will be joined by "friends" on February 27th.

The Valentine's Day announcement reads: "Happy Valentine’s Day, loved ones. Our gift to you. Live from the @ApolloTheater in Harlem. Who you think is pullin’ up to take on the King on February 27th? Sure to be a legendary night!"

D'Angelo, Verzuz
Andrew Burton / Getty Images

D'Angelo most recently teamed up with Erykah Badu to appear on Slingbaum's tack, “Behoove,” last year.

We recently dove into the iconic time D'Angelo connected with Redman & Method Man for their hit "Left & Right." 

Fat Joe recently claimed that LL Cool J wants to appear on Verzuz soon and is lobbying to get Jay-Z or Drake as an opponent.

LL Cool J, let me tell you, he's my idol. I wouldn't even feel right, you know what I'm saying?" said Joe. "I rap 'cause of him. LL wants Jay-Z or Drake. That’s who LL Cool J allegedly wants. Jay-Z or Drake.”

D'Angelo and friends' Verzuz will air on Saturday, February 27 at 8:00 PM, Eastern on Instagram.