D'Angelo Russell had a breakout year with the Brooklyn Nets this season and heading into the offseason, he was expected to get paid. Well, Russell secured the bag although he wasn't able to secure a spot on the Nets roster. Instead, the Nets sent Russell to the Golden State Warriors who lost Kevin Durant. Klay Thompson will be injured for the majority of the season and Russell will be a solid replacement in the backcourt alongside Steph Curry

It is believed that Russell is simply a short term solution in Golden State and that he will eventually be traded for an array of assets. Russell is well aware of this reality and isn't looking to make any predictions.

"That's the business of it," Russell explained, according to ESPN. "It is what it is. You put yourself in a position to go somewhere for a long period of time, and it may not be what it is a year later. And that's the business. I've come to a realization of that, and I understand that, so whatever situation I'm in, I know the business side of it, so we'll just see. I can't predict it."

Regardless of whether or not he might be traded, Russell is looking forward to playing with his new team.
"Honestly, I'm excited," Russell noted. "I'm excited more than anything. I think it's a huge opportunity just to take another step and learn from a good group of guys that have done -- and marked their way in this league, so I'm super excited."