Has Daniel Craig solidified himself as the definitive James Bond? With four films under his belt and a fifth on the way, many have come to view Craig as the preferred face of the long-running franchise, a title that once belonged to actor Sean Connery. Of course, Craig's position in the Bond hierarchy is certainly debatable, but few can deny his impact in bringing a notable ruggedness to the oft-debonnaire and refined 007. Now, with his fifth turn as James Bond currently in the production stages, a new teaser has surfaced to kick off the hype-train. 

The brief clip finds Craig once again stepping into the signature getup, partaking in the classic Bond opening sequence. The iconic visual is enough to spark waves of nostalgia, and many are hoping the upcoming film rectifies some of the missteps in Spectre. We won't have to wait much longer to find out, with Bond 25 set to arrive in April 2020. 

Check out the clip now, and sound off below. Are you excited to see another James Bond film with Daniel Craig in the titular role? And more importantly, where do you rank him within the greater hierarchy of bygone Bonds? 

Adam Berry/Getty Images