Despite having a pretty messy year in the press, DaniLeigh has a lot to be thankful for this holiday season. For starters, she's a first-time mother, giving birth to her beautiful daughter earlier this year. But even that moment was shadowed by drama. The father of her baby is rapper DaBaby, who, last week, kicked her out of his home for seemingly no good reason. In the process, Baby ruined Dani's preference to keep their situation private, filming her on Instagram Live during an argument and revealing their daughter's face for the first time.

As things look to finally be on an upwards trend for DaniLeigh, who has received a wave of support since her spat with Baby, the rapper shared what she's thankful for this holiday season, posting the first clear photos of her child's face.

"Thankful," she wrote with a white heart emoji, posting a gallery of her baby. She looks like a happy child, smiling big in a couple of the shots before mellowing out her mood in the later pictures. 

This can't have been an easy year for DaniLeigh as she watched her fans turn on her and make jokes about her "Yellow Bone" song, her relationship with DaBaby, and her pregnancy. But the grass is greener on the other side and she's slowly making her way over, winning people back with cute pictures of her baby.