Next on the horizon for DaniLeigh is the release of her album, and to hype the project, the Def Jam artists recently dropped her single, "Monique." DaniLeigh is known for her trendsetting social media posts and spin-worthy collaborations, but her love life has taken center stage, especially after she linked up with DaBaby. That romance fizzled not long after the pair went public when DaBaby was posted up with the mother of his child. There have been a few instances when DaniLeigh has come forward to explain her side of the story without giving too many details, but she told Power 106 that she's done trying to defend herself against people who are unwilling to understand.

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Tommaso Boddi / Stringer / Getty Images

"I guess everyone has their own story of my last relationship," DaniLeigh said of things she's no longer going to speak about. "So, I feel like, I don't really try to clear it up no more 'cause I don't really care. No one really knows what it is, but I guess that's something that's—I mean, at the time, obviously [it was] the most trending thing to talk about when it comes to me. I don't really care to clear it up that much."

DaniLeigh also faced accusations that she was flirting with Lil Durk, but she quickly shut down those rumors and complimented the rapper on how much he brags about his girlfriend, India Royale. Check out DaniLeigh's interview below.