Danny Brown returned to social media in a big way this weekend, from Q&As on Twitter to Instagram live streams. He's been openly answering questions about everything from his favorite albums of 2018 (JPEGMAFIA's Veteran and 03 Greedo's God Level) to his cat's favorite rappers (he only listens to Brian Eno instrumental albums, obviously). Eventually, the Detroit rapper was asked what inspired this loud return to Twitter, to which he answered excitedly, "I gotta new album coming!!!!!!!!" When asked how he'd describe his new material in one word, he responded, "pristine." 

In Danny's recent Instagram live session he had mentioned wanting to work with The Alchemist, which a few fans misinterpreted as an announcement that the producer would be working on his entire album. Danny cleared the air on Twitter, but ended up getting a message from the producer which revealed he was very much on board with doing a whole album together. Last November, Danny had suggested that his next album would be produced entirely by a "legendary" hip-hop figure. It's unclear if that remains true. 

Read some of Danny's many great answers from Twitter below. His last album, Atrocity Exhibition, was released in 2016. Stream it here.