This week, A$AP Mob got back on track with their upcoming collaborative album by releasing the posse cut "Hella Hoes," which featured verses from A$APs Rocky, Ferg, Nast and Twelvyy. Apparently though, the track wasn't originally supposed to be an exclusively A$AP affair, as Danny Brown is now saying that he recorded a verse for the song. 

As he received no notification about his guest spot being cut, Brown took to Twitter to air his grievances with A$AP Mob's lack of professional courtesy.  

Brown, who has collaborated with A$AP Rocky on "Kush Coma," "1 Train," and a hilarious interview with Kathy Griffin, later said that there was no beef between him and A$AP, but also made his position on cutting guest verses without artists' consent clear.

Let's hope his verse sees the light of day on a "Hella Hoes" remix.


[Update: Danny Brown Clears Up The Controversy]

A week after tweeting about getting snubbed on A$AP Mob's "Hella Hoes," Danny Brown has cleared up some of the controversy. Speaking with Complex after his Bonnaroo performance, the Detroit MC said of the dispute with A$AP Mob, "it was just a label thing, it has nothing to do with us," revealing that RCA didn't want a feature on the first official A$AP Mob single. Brown, who said he and the A$AP crew came up "ante-ing up on dime bags together,"also added: "since that happened, that made our relationship much tighter."

Complex also asked Brown about the upcoming Bruiser brigade album, which he boldly described by saying, "What people expect from a new Wu-Tang album, you're gonna get from this Bruiser Brigade album."

Watch the full interview below.