A fan reached out to Danny Brown on Twitter, asking him what was the greatest lesson he learned while creating his 2016 album Atrocity Exhibition. Danny Brown, his humble self, directed his response in plain view. According to Brown the the important lesson he learned was budgetary. Danny admitted to spending $70k on sample clearances, for an album he claims "no one bought," his admission of debt obviously an exaggerated play on words.

Atrocity Exhibition was the final instalment of a trilogy that included XXX and Old. Strangely enough, of the three passion projects the 2nd album really projected as safer bet, but the weirdo within him impelled him to go well beyond the norm on Atrocity Exhibition. All three albums are noted for their conceptual framework drawn from life altering moments in his private life.

Danny Brown's decision to spend money he could have pocketed speaks volumes about his artistic integrity. It also speaks to how dearly devoted he is to his eclectic fanbase. When Twitter users call for him to be more "commercial," they sometimes face the consequences of his bitter half. This twitter user found out the hard way, when he presented Danny with a thinly-veiled compliment. The delicate art of receiving compliments is not innately present in everyone.