Many fans have been caught up in the excitement of Danny Brown's album rollout. The artist has been sharing his progress candidly with his fans. He set out to create the very first "twitch album," which would include a listening party on the online platform. Only hours after announcing that his album is almost done, the artist seems to recant. 

The Persona 5 album, which was announced in July, will not be released within this year. Danny Brown says that despite his best effort, he simply can't make it happen within the timeframe of 2018. Instead, he hopes to release the album next year. 

"I would say, I'm trying to get my will probably be coming out early 2019. I think it'll come out early. I don't have enough time for it to come out this year, I'mma be honest. I tried, I tried, I tried."

The bad news came with another preview of new music. Peep the fresh sample in the following clip.

Danny Brown has already previewed samples of his unreleased music via Twitch citing clearance issues as the reason for its streaming exclusively on this specific platform. The followup to his 2016 Atrocity Exhibition was described by the rapper as "pristine", so it may be worth the wait.