Danny Green had a chance to win the Los Angeles Lakers their 17th championship, on Friday night. Green had a wide-open three-point shot in the dying seconds and as everyone knows by now, he missed the shot. The Heat went on to win the game and now, Game 6 will be going down on Sunday night. Any normal fan would accept the L and look forward to the next game. Some fans took it to the extreme, however, as they sent death threats to Green's fiancee, through social media.

While speaking to the media ahead of Game 6, Green acknowledged the threats against his significant other, noting that he "hope[s] they're that passionate about voting, or injustice for these people who deserve justice - we'll get some better change in the country."


Green went on to talk about the actual shot where he admitted that it's a moment he wishes he could have back. "I had more time than I realized, should have taken more time...I'd give anything to get that shot back again, trust me. [...] any person that plays basketball knows it's never only on one play."

Green and the Lakers will be able to redeem themselves tonight as Game 6 goes down at 7:30 PM EST. A win will solidify an NBA title in the league's first-ever bubble format.