Danny McBride is back with another dark comedy. The smug and dry humor that McBride is known for is on full display in his latest movie trailer. Entitled Arizona, the film takes place during the real estate crash in the mid 00’s. McBride’s character is enraged by the loss of value to his home, so he heads down to the real estate office and kills the manager while kidnapping an employee. That’s one way to take control of the situation.

From there, hilarity ensues as McBride accidentally reveals his identity to the woman he kidnaps, and is forced to snatch her daughter up as well. The three head out to a field to dump the dead body of the real estate manager, but things don’t go according to plan, and the ladies escape. David Alan Grier plays the local sheriff, who is warned about McBride, and it looks like the two men will face off in a gun battle. Not to mention, Luke Wilson stopping by to check on his ex-wife and daughter, with a bloody McBride leading him in the wrong direction. This dark comedy looks like it will be a thrill ride. Arizona hits theaters on August 24.