The last time we saw Daredevil, he had "died" alongside his lover Elektra. Season three of Netflix's Daredevil is set to touch down this month, and one final trailer has been released for the epic storyline. Loosely based on the "Born Again" plot from Frank Miller, Daredevil season three will follow the story of a vengeful Kingpin that discovers the hero's true identity. 

In the new trailer, The Kingpin strikes a deal to get out of jail. Claiming that he is a changed man, Kingpin discovers Daredevil's identity and wages a war against Matt Murdock. There are several scenes in the trailer that show a maskless Murdock interacting with Kingpin, which proves that both men are fully aware of each other. The action-packed trailer is filled with clips of martial arts and gunshots, but the final scenes are the most telling. For months, Netflix has been teasing Matt Murdock's return to his all-black vigilante uniform. Now, we know why. 

Apparently, there will be an imposter Daredevil walking the streets. Most likely hired by The Kingpin, the imposter is seen wearing the traditional blood red Daredevil armor. There is little doubt that the fake hero is in the streets killing and creating a bad reputation for Daredevil. Season three touches down on October 19.