The NBA Finals are upon us and basketball fans are keenly watching the Phoenix Suns and the Milwaukee Bucks go head-to-head. Many are surprised to see these two teams in the finals, but fans are excited to see who will be going home with the gold. On Wednesday (July 7), Game 1 kicked off and the Suns were hit with a setback after power forward Dario Saric was pulled out of the game. 

According to reports, Saric suffered a torn ACL in his right knee and will be out "indefinitely." Suns coach Monty Williams shared a statement.

Dario Saric, Finals
Christian Petersen / Staff / Getty Images

"It's just one of those situations that literally breaks your heart,'' he reportedly said. "Dario is a guy that I've been with twice. I coached him in Philly, and to get a chance to be with him here, he's what Suns basketball is about. Hard worker, unbelievable guy, and he was so looking forward to playing in these Finals. And to play a few minutes and have that kind of injury, it was a tough thing to hear this morning.''

Williams also spoke about who may take Saric's place for the time being. "We have different options," said Williams. "Frank [Kaminsky] gives us quality size and playmaking ability. He's smart. We went small last night with Torrey. We also have Doolie [Abdel Nader], who can play some small ball ... So we're just going to try to make those decisions on the fly. But those three guys come to mind."

There has been an outpouring of support for Saric from Suns fans. Check out a few reactions below.