Darnell Williams Lives Fast & Dangerously On "F*ck Hollywood"

Devin Ch
January 27, 2019 15:24

In "F*ck Hollywood," Darnell Williams rolls with the punches before he moves along.

Darnell Williams is an impressionable voice in whatever scene he steps afoot, but that doesn't mean he lets himself go completely. "F*ck Hollywood" aptly demonstrates where he stands and what he stands for, but not in a self-righteous way. Darnell spends all five minutes of "F*ck Hollywood" picking at an inconceivably large scab. Luckily he's moved on to greener pastures, with his LA teachings always close by.

As much as Darnell did grow distant while living in LA, had he spent his formative years in a squeaky-clean universe adjunct to the seediness, he may not be where he is Today: on the cusp of something REAL.

"My inspiration was life in Hollywood, specifically the nightlight,” says Williams of his concept-based video. "There’s always an experience to be had and something to get into. It’s a playground for those with vices who don’t mind crossing over to the dark side."

After bidding his time in the background for better-known artists like Big Sean and Mac Miller, Darnell Williams is ready to handle the reins himself. The "F*ck Hollywood" is a strong step forward - don't miss out!

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