Derek Chauvin, the officer responsible for the death of George Floyd, was recently found guilty for his role in the murder. In addition to various witness testimonies on the scene of the incident, the former Minneapolis PD officer was brought to justice by video evidence taken by Darnella Frazier.

The viral footage captured the tragedy, and unfortunately for Frazier, another instance of police violence has hit her a little closer to home. According to CBS Minnesota, the young woman's uncle was killed by a Minneapolis police officer during a high-speed chase early Tuesday (July 6) morning. 

According to reports, police were pursuing a man who they suspected to be a suspect in a carjacking and robbery around 12:30 am. The report furthers that Leneal Frazier was traveling westbound while a squad of officers was chasing the suspect northbound. The photos of the wreckage display just how severe the accident was following the 8-block pursuit. By the looks of it, Frazier was killed on impact. The suspect in question, however, got away scot-free.

“An officer observed the suspect vehicle in that area, attempted to pull it over and the vehicle, instead of pulling over, fled,” Minneapolis police spokesperson John Elder explained. The pursuit protocol in Minneapolis explains that officers should cease a chase if it poses  “an unreasonable risk to the officer, the public or passengers of the vehicle being pursued." The Minnesota State Patrol is currently investigating if the incident follows protocol. 

Darnella took to Facebook to corroborate the news. "I honestly can’t believe I’m making this post right now...I’m so hurt...nothing feels real. I woke up to the most horrible news. MINNEAPOLIS police Killed my uncle. MY uncle... Another black man lost his life in the hands of the police! I asked my mom several times “he died??”. I couldn’t accept what I was hearing and still can’t . Some things just take time to process. I’m still in shock and it haven’t fully hit me yet,I broke down in tears," wrote Frazier.

She added, "you took an innocent life trying to catch someone else... I don’t know how to feel... I was just with you at the beach ....if I would’ve known that would be my last time seeing you, I would’ve hugged you so much longer, told you I love you way harder....I love you so much.... please pray for my family." You can visit donate this GoFundMe page if you're looking to donate.