His tweet was only up for a few minutes before he deleted it, but that didn't stop Philadelphia 76ers president Daryl Morey from getting hit was a massive fine. Back in October, Morey announced that he was leaving his position as general manager of the Houston Rockets after holding down the position since 2007, to become president of basketball operation with the 76ers. Morey is widely respected and was instrumental in getting James Harden to the Rockets, and some sports analysts have suggested that Harden, who is reportedly unhappy with Houston, should join Morey in Philly. 

This is where things get sticky. Days ago, a tweet popped up on Morey's social media that marked a record-breaking anniversary for Harden. The tweet looked to be sent from an automated app or website and it only existed on Twitter for minutes before it was promptly taken down. However, screenshots were shared and the image of the tweet was circulated leaving basketball fans to wonder if Morey tweeting about Harden was a hint that the Rockets star would be making his mover to the 76ers.

The NBA has strict rules and soon, Morey was cited for tampering and was issued a $50K fine. While it all seemed unintentional, the league wasn't having it. As far as Harden's future is concerned, we'll all have to wait for final decisions to be made. Check out a few tweets below.