With the Los Angeles Lakers struggling right now, it is looking somewhat likely that they will have to participate in a play-in game in order to get into the playoffs. The play-in round is something that LeBron James advocated for last season when the league had to go to the Orlando bubble. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, however, LeBron isn't a big fan of the idea and he wants the league to put a stop to it. "Whoever came up with that s--- needs to be fired," he told Dave McMenamin.

Well, not everyone is on board with LeBron's comments, including Philadelphia 76ers General Manager Daryl Morey. Responding to LeBron on Twitter, Morey said "I can't believe the NBA hastily implemented a change that makes games more interesting and meaningful."

While not everyone agrees with Morey, pretty well everyone can admit the hypocrisy LeBron displayed on Sunday night. The Lakers should have never been in this position to begin with although all they have to do to get themselves out of it, is start winning again. It really is as simple as that.

As for the future of the play-in round, it remains to be seen if the NBA will keep this going for years to come.

Daryl Morey

Scott Halleran/Getty Images