Dave Bautista has been the most vocal member of the Guardians of the Galaxy cast when it comes to the firing of James Gunn. This past July, Disney fired Gunn after tweets from 2008-2009 resurfaced online. In the tweets, Gunn used crude humor that Disney felt did not fit in with their predicated morals. He referenced rape, made disparaging comments about transgendered people, and made several other distasteful jokes. The entire cast of Guardians have come out to support Gunn, and they signed a joint statement backing the director. Still, Disney doesn't appear to be willing to take Gunn back. 

Bautista has made it his mission to let the world know how displeased he is with the firing of Gunn. The wrestler turned Drax actor has even threatened to quit if Disney does not use the original script that Gunn pieced together for the last few years. This past weekend, Bautista stopped by The Jonathan Ross Show, and continued with his assault on Disney. 

"There’s a bit of an issue. It’s a bittersweet conversation," he began when Ross asked him about the Gunn situation. "No, it’s a bitter-bitter conversation, because I’m not really happy with what they’ve done with James Gunn. They’re putting the movie off. It’s on hold indefinitely. To be honest with you, I don’t know if I want to work for Disney." After Kevin Hart attempts to diffuse the heavy moment for Bautista with a quick joke, the actor continues. "I’ve been very vocal about the way I feel. I’m not afraid to admit the way I feel."