Dave Chappelle is a world-renowned stand-up comedian, actor, and more. He's one of the most famous names in comedy and, given Joe Rogan's love for stand-up, Chappelle has historically been one of the most requested guests on his ultra-popular podcast. It feels like, on every new episode of the show, Rogan is getting at least a handful of comments asking when Chappelle would be invited onto the show.

Back in December 2019, Rogan himself theorized whether the comedian would give him the time of day. 

While it may have taken some time, Dave Chappelle is finally on the Joe Rogan Experience, joining Donnell Rawlings for the 3-hour extravaganza.

Michael Loccisano/Getty Images

The first two hours of the show are filled with Joe Rogan and Donnell Rawlings speaking, discussing the comedian's thumb, which he claims he was recently shot in. After a lengthy conversation with just the two, Dave Chappelle finally joins them at the 2:20:00 mark, making for a pretty momentous occasion for all three. 

After years of waiting, was his appearance worth the wait? Watch the episode below and catch some gems from Chappelle and Rawlings.

Recently, Chappelle's Show was picked up by Netflix, which is one of the streaming network's biggest acquisitions of the year. People have been raving over the re-runs, visiting their favorite episodes on the weekends and absolutely loving Chappelle's genius.