Dave Chapelle made it to John McCain's funeral over the weekend. The comedian shared some sweet words about McCain when he ran into TMZ in DC.

When he was asked about the deceased senator's impact on him, Chapelle conjured up a cute anecdote about the man.

“Hey, man there's a video somewhere on the internet of John McCain dancing the robot with Jamie Foxx. And he looks so alive and so happy—it looked like so much fun. And in these divisive times now, I like that he has become a symbol of national unity, so I came to pay my respects.”

Jamie Foxx posted the clip in question to celebrate John McCain's life after his passing.

"This is another reason why senator John McCain is so loved... this was him on stage at the Apollo theater charity...he made u feel like politics and being a cool human being lived separately... he shined on em that night ... and that robot move was mean! R.I.P. you are a HERO!"

Chapelle made sure to mention that he did, in fact, want to attend Aretha Franklin's funeral. The service for the music icon was being held during the same weekend as McCain's. 

"Unfortunately, it's the same day that Mrs. Frankling is being laid to rest, but I couldn't get to Detroit. I have to be in Washington, so I'm here."