Dave Chappelle may have two new stand-up comedy specials now available on Netflix, but that doesn't mean he's making everybody happy with the subject matter he's tackled therein. 

First, Chappelle courted controversy with some remarks he made about the LGBT community in one of the specials, specifically as it pertained to a dialogue he had with a fan over some older trans jokes. Now, the comedian is dealing with a second wave of clapback, this time from those angered by jokes he made about Louis C.K.

According to TMZ, Chappelle was dismissive when asked about the complaints that have surfaced about his cracks that were aimed at another embattled comedian. CK, of course, was one of the many men who have had their careers sidelined following accusations of sexual misconduct made against them. Dave's response has some people ticked, calling Louis' alleged victims individuals with a "brittle spirit," among other things. Olivia Munn has called the jokes "tone deaf" but, when approached by paparazzi and asked about her comment, Chappelle simply said, "I love everybody."

While not an outright confrontation of Munn's remarks, it's clear that Chappelle isn't taking the negative reactions all that seriously. Later on in the video clip, when photographers were blocking his car from exiting the parking lot of the venue he was leaving, the comedian didn't stop them from snapping away, stating: "I'm very famous."

Is Dave Chappelle hurting his reputation by not responding to Munn's comment directly, or is he in the right by avoiding the question? Does he have anything to apologize for in the first place. Let us know what you think in the comments.