Last year, we reported on Dave Chappelle suing a man who threw a banana peel at him during one of his shows. The incident occurred during one of Chapelle's stops in Santa Fe, New Mexico where audience member, Christian Englander committed the act. Englander denied any racial motivations underlying his actions and claims to have only done it as a retaliation for Chappelle mocking his friend. Upon his arrest, Englander was slammed with a battery and disturbing the peace charge. And this despite the audience member's attempt at suing Dave's bodyguard, by stating that he hit him twice while being restrained following the incident. 

Rebecca Sapp/Getty Images

New reports by The Blast now inform us Chapelle got the last word. According to the related legal documents, the New Mexico judge tied to the case set out by Englander vs. Chapelle has ordered for the case to be fully dismissed. The following decision was made after a failure to locate Dave Chappelle to serve him the legal documents. The latter resulted in the case's dismissal in its entirety.

Thus far, we have no updates on the progress of the charges set against Christian Englander, but he definitely lost out on the unspecified damages he initially sought from Chappelle with this dismissed case.