Dave East & Vado "No Cap / Same Bitch" Is A Bittersweet Concoction

Devin Ch
April 26, 2019 16:04

Vado and Dave East perform surgery on a medley of songs off "V-Day 3."

Dave East & Vado are ready to vanquish any lingering vibes at the squeeze of a vape pen. The new-look Gotham has Dave East looking over its street credentials, while Vado oversees his section of 144th and Lennox Ave with a similar sense of pride. That's incidentally where the "No Cap / Same Bitch" medley comes into play, in reminding us of the staunch Noo-Yawk character set they both occupy. Who better to portray this love/hate dichotomy than Dave East, a rapper's whose favorable traits are slowly fusing into one.

In the "No Cap / Same Bitch" video, we find ourselves at the intersection of two separates clauses. Both "No Cap" and "Same Bitch" were part of Vado's initial offerings on the V-Day 3 mixtape he issued at the top of the month. East was conveniently featured on both tracks, although in the end, Vado and his guest partition the video parts into uneven sections: Vado delivers a couple of verses off "No Cap," whereas Dave East handles spot duties on the Dipset-inspired "Same Bitch." See for yourself.

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