Dave East has been having a hell of a year so far and with his debut album on the way, it appears as though it's only going to get bigger and bigger. Now, we all know that Dave East is a skilled rapper but he's been flexing his talents on the runway and on-screen this year a bit more than before. Unfortunately, as things in his professional life are going well, it appears as though he's had a few rough patches in recent times in his love life.

Dave East took to Instagram to make the record clear -- he is single. As ladies continue to slide into his DMs, many others have assumed that he's been in a committed relationship with the mother of his child, Milie Colon. However, he took to Instagram today to let the record reflect that he's not longer in a relationship.

"I'm single stop wondering," he wrote. "Sometimes real n***as try to make sh*t work. If you got a real queen all about you cherish it they extremely rare," he continued before adding, "Thanks for Kairi."

The two of them seemingly had a bit of a back-and-forth in 2017 after Dave alleged Milie called the police on him. They later reconciled and revealed they were back together a year later

Dave East is currently readying the release of Survival which is due out later this fall.