Dave East recently found himself entangled in a slight legal snafu, which ultimately landed him in police custody. Apparently, East caught a misdemeanor assault charge after swinging on a man by the name of Joel Rosario. Where motive is concerned, the jury is out; Rosario vowed innocence, claiming the attack was unprovoked. East has yet to issue a statement on the incident, nor has he addressed any potential motivation. Either way, there are likely two sides to this particular story, and we'll have to wait and see how this one develops.

In any case, Dave East is once again enjoying his freedom. Taking to Instagram, East made sure to give props to his legal eagles for a job well done. Clearly, he is once again free to sign fan memorabilia; in this particular photo, it is unclear whether or not Dave East included his phone-number with his John Hancock.

Should you be eager for some new Dave East, be sure to catch his upcoming mixtape with Styles PBeloved, dropping this Friday.