Dave East on "Paranoia" Jeezy Collab & Daughter Kairi

Aron A.
August 16, 2017 16:37

Dave East has an exclusive sit-down with HNHH to discuss his major label debut, his daughter and more.

Dave East has been bubbling up for a while on our website and has been a fan favorite for quite sometime. We were some of the first to recognize the talent of Dave East before he reached the status' he's at today. With his project Paranoia: A True Story dropping at the end of this week to much anticipation, we were able to get a few moments of his time to chop it up with him. 

In our first clip of our interview with Dave East, he opened up about a lot of different subjects, mainly pertaining to his forthcoming EP. While he dropped the official tracklist to the project earlier today, we got to ask him about some of the features on their including the one with Jeezy. He reveals that their relationship is much deeper than rap.

"He actually took me on his tour with him for a couple weeks, did some shows with him. Jeezy’s 100, and he’ll really sit with you and chop up the game." East told us.

He also discussed the feature with French Montana on the project. As a New Yorker, Dave East really wanted to bring him back to French's mixtape days. He says, "French went global on everybody, so to have him on some New York kinda brought me back to the older French."

Aside from the features, he also got into some more personal topics such as his daughter Kairi and her role in his life as well as on the project. As she does have a feature on the record, he jokes with us saying "Yeah Kairi got it first. She on “Paranoia.” Asahd she on you, ya heard?"

He later elaborates on her position on his life and how it was being an artist at the time of her birth and having to deal with being a father while on the road. He confesses that he did have fears initially when she was a newborn but his mother gave him reassurance. 

This is only a little snippet of our interview with Dave East to hold you over before we drop the full half-hour exclusive HNHH TV interview with him. 

Check out the tracklist here.

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