The coronavirus is still a threat to society, though social distancing and travel rules are a bit more lax now than they were before. People have been able to move around a bit more freely, with a mask, of course, but those that decide to head out of the country should know that they will need to get tested.

Dave East hit the 'Gram yesterday where he shared footage of himself taking the test for coronavirus. The Karma 3 rapper revealed that he was heading to Jamaica, though part of that agreement is getting tested. "They Said I Can’t Go To [Jamaica] Without Being Tested. So Here We Go," he said. 

If you've taken the test before, you can probably understand the level of discomfort that evidently comes across Dave's face. 

While Dave East is celebrating the release of Karma 3, he did recently reveal that he was using his time in quarantine to lock into the studio, especially after his acting gigs in 2019.

"Me and Styles, we working on Beloved Part 2, we gonna do a sequel to the first album," East told HNHH in a recent interview

"A few more scripts are coming in so I’m just keeping it moving. I got about 2 other projects that I’m 75-80% finished with," he continued. "Karma was just the one we were gonna let fly first. But I used the quarantine to my advantage. I buried myself in the studio, just putting the vibe back into my sound and it helped because I’m not ripping and running."