These days, nothing is certain except for one universal truth: when an album drops, a Deluxe Edition isn't far away. In fact, countless rappers have all but accepted that the double-down is a simple part of the marketing rollout, designed to keep the momentum rolling once the excitement of the initial release begins to wane. It's a complicated process and one that has arguably done more harm than good to the rap industry.

Dave East Karma 3

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

That's not to speak ill of those who drop them, however, as the bag must be secured. Still, it does make us wonder how the song selection process goes down -- shouldn't highlights be reserved for the initial project? In any case, it's unlikely that the Deluxe Edition is going anywhere for the foreseeable future. Now, Dave East is the latest to join the ranks, taking to Twitter to tease the possible release of his own Karma 3 Deluxe Edition arriving somewhere down the line.

Not that he has much to say on the matter, simply testing the waters and gauging interest for another go-around. "Deluxe?" he ponders, prompting fans to chime in with potential unreleased cuts they'd love to see find a home. As it stands, Karma 3 has no need for a Deluxe Edition anytime soon, standing strong as another impressive body of work from the New York lyricist. Still, the masses cannot be satiated off one album alone, as our appetites have grown too gluttonous for such paltry portions. 

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