Dave East - "What Is The Hold Up"

Jasmina Cuevas
June 16, 2017 21:32

Dave East Premieres "What Is The Hold Up" with HNHH!!

Dave East is past the point of people asking "Who?" when you mention his name. The Harlem native has released unforgettable projects and has sold out shows long before many expected him to. And you know what? He can care fucking less. Dave's success is all attributed to the effort he has put in and he knows what he deserves. *Cues in "What Is The Hold Up"* 

Dave's newest track has a smooth beat to it and features him rapping about all the hard work he has put in and just wanting to achieve everything he deserves. And it definitely is ALL deserved. Even without all the credit he has received from the OGs like Nas, Dave East is one you don't want to turn your back on. 

Check out the video premiere of Dave's "What Is The Hold Up" above and make sure to stay tuned for his upcoming album, Paranoia


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