Dave Gets Emotional In "Hangman" Video

Devin Ch
February 28, 2018 17:57

Dave Santan pulls out another banger out of his unlimited toolbox.

Dave Santan is definitely in a class of his own, albeit on terms decided by the UK Grime Scene. Even so, Dave is a rare grime artists that can transcend at will the musical restraints set by the pioneers of dubplate. The concept for the video places Dave on the front steps of the road, surrounded by "mandem on the ropes." He has the gumption to call himself a poet and roadman in the same breath.

Santan uses the track as a platform to discuss a controversial opinion he shared on twitter. In January he opined that Stop & Search police tactics should be brought back in his native England. "I say what I want and that's period."

The video has reached 465,000 views in a single day. I personally predict a cool mill by Friday. 

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