Foo Fighters frontman, and former Nirvana drummer, Dave Grohl says he was "beaten by police and rednecks" at a "Rock Against Reagan" concert back in the '80s.

Dave Grohl
Ethan Miller / Getty Images

The show was held in Washington D.C. As Grohl recalled in an interview with The Independent, it was  "right on the Mall, in front of the Lincoln Memorial, a quarter of a mile from where I would one day be invited to play at Obama's first big 'party' on the South Lawn. They happened each Fourth of July. Hundreds of thousands of people from the suburbs would come to watch the national firework display. And right smack in the fucking middle of it was a punk concert with bands like the Dead Kennedys and the Bad Brains."

He described the scene, saying that, "there were police on horses with fucking batons. It was nuts. I'd get beaten by police and rednecks. But it was the right place and the right time for that, under Reagan's suffocating conservative administration."

The Foo Fighters’ recently participated in President Joe Biden’s inaugural concert, earlier this month. He performed his hit “Times like These” remotely on the broadcast. Grohl says being invited to perform was a “huge honor."