Austin McBroom is a massive YouTube star and Bryce Hall is on similar footing, although Hall is famous because of TikTok. On June 12th, these two men will be facing off in a boxing match that has been dubbed the "Battle of the Platforms." Interestingly enough, McBroom has beef with Jake Paul, who has made allegations that Austin cheats on his significant other every single weekend. As a result, these two hate each other quite a bit, and recently, they were supposed to hash things out on Dave Portnoy's "BFFs" podcast.

As Portnoy told Logan Paul in a separate episode of the podcast, things got pretty heated between Jake and Austin, which led to a bit of a temper tantrum from the younger Paul brother. In fact, Portnoy claims Jake slashed two of the tires on McBroom's Lamborghini, and he even slashed the tires on a separate vehicle.

Based on McBroom's story, Paul eventually apologized for the outburst, however, it seems like the two have actually agreed to a fight. This would be a surprising development, especially when you consider how Paul is set to fight Tyron Woodley in August. Paul has moved past the need to fight YouTubers, and a fight against McBroom would definitely be a regression.

Regardless, Paul seems to consistently be embroiled in drama and considering it gets people to talk about him, we doubt he minds it.