David Arquette's career is a little like Michael Jordan's. After doing his main thing for a while (acting), he made the MJ baseball switch for a brief moment and then went back to what he's known for. Although, imagine if Michael Jordan chose wrestling instead of baseball and chose to do the mid-career move again at the age of 47. 

David Arquette did exactly this, and it has landed him in the hospital with a classic case of getting cut on the neck with a light tube. The wrestling match, although staged in the style of the WWE, was billed as a "hardcore" rules match, where weapons are allowed and the two fighter took advantage, using light tubes, chairs and a door. It apparently went too far at a certain point, when Luke Gage smashes a lightbulb on Arquette's head and Arquette gets shards of glass in his neck, which he begins to hold in what looks like an attempt to stop the bleeding while leaving the ring:

After all the glass tubes and old doors, Arquette was looking very much the worse for wear and ended up saying that he would have a rematch with Gage, a convicted bank robber, if it was in the UFC octagon because death matches "aren't [his] thing:"

Watch a couple more videos of the fight below: