David Ortiz was shot while at a night club in the Dominican Republic over the weekend which was a huge shock to the baseball community. Ortiz was immediately taken to the hospital where he underwent surgery which saw parts of his organs removed. The Boston Red Sox legend was then brought home to Boston where he had a second successful surgery. Fans have been anxious about Ortiz's condition but as it stands, he is doing just fine and will make a full recovery.

In the Dominican Republic today, reporters camped outside the jail cell of Rolfi Ferreira Cruz who is the alleged shooter from the whole incident. Cruz peeked through his window and had an interesting revelation regarding the shooting.

"It wasn't supposed to be David," Cruz explained, noting that Ortiz's clothing confused him and made him think he was the proper target. Another man in the cell can be heard speaking to Cruz and even says "Tell them it wasn't meant for David."

Yesterday we reported that police believe an $8,000 hit was placed on Ortiz and that six men are currently in custody for the shooting. One of those men was captured on the scene by civilians and was beat up before being handed over to the police.