Back in June, David Ortiz was shot during an assassination attempt gone wrong in the Dominican Republic. According to those allegedly involved in the shooting, Ortiz was not the target and that he was mistaken for the man sitting across from him. Ortiz was able to receive medical attention on the scene and was brought to the hospital for surgery. From there, the Boston Red Sox legend was flown out to Massachusettes where he received a second surgery as a precaution. Over the last few weeks, updates were released which suggested that Big Papi was well on his way to a full recovery. Things took a turn earlier this week though as Ortiz's wife Tiffany released a statement saying he had to go through a third surgery.

The third surgery had to be performed due to complications resulting from the gunshot wound. Ortiz's wife didn't give specific details in regards to the complications although she did note that he is "recovering well and in good spirits."

Ortiz's family also made sure to thank everyone for their well wishes as well as the work of the medical staff who have been taking care of the former ball player.

"We continue to be incredibly appreciative of the kindness and compassion shown to David and to our entire family during this difficult time," Ortiz's wife said.