Kanye West has recently reignited his feud with Drake via Twitter, causing both artists to be included in headlines over the past few weeks. Daylyt recently weighed in on the beef during a sitdown with VladTV. View the clip below.

"I like Kanye. I'm kinda on the fence on Kanye. At first, I used to believe that he had a message," Daylyt began. "I used to believe he had a purpose. I was like, maybe he's trolling because he has an actual message." He does not see the reemergence of their rivalry as a coincidence. "There's all type of sh*t blowing up that's taking over the internet. Random a beef that ended just pop back up," he added. "I think these people just get on the phone like, 'let's do this.'"

"When you at the top of the game like that, some of these rappers can't go too long without people talking about 'em. Comment and Instagram likes, and all that sh*t, that sh*t feeds some people's energy." Daylyt still speculated about the origin of the feud, citing Kanye's video concept for Drake's "Best I Ever Had." He said with a smirk, "I think Kanye was like, 'Imma ruin this n*gga'"